The sales and marketing landscape is always changing. What could have worked five years ago probably won’t work as well today. Ten years ago, the very idea of social media didn’t even exist. These days, a strong social media presence is practically a must for small and large business alike. Despite this, some people are still hesitant on the idea of social media, while others don’t know where to start. Below are six social media marketing myths to remember.

1.) The target audience doesn’t care about social media

Social media is everywhere. Everybody from teenagers to adults in their fifties use social media in their day to day lives. There’s no excuse for your brand to not have its own Facebook page or Twitter profile. If you play your cards right, your brand will find its way into people’s news feeds no matter what. Even if your target audience doesn’t use social media as much as other demographics do, social media will still improve brand exposure and SEO.

2). It’s all a numbers game

Some people argue that a brand is more successful the more followers it has. However, social media isn’t simply a numbers game. Having more followers than your competition doesn’t mean that you’re more successful. Followers are one thing, but customers and influencers are something else. Influencers in particular are important because they act as extra channels to spread your brand’s reach. Aim to find a balance between prospective customers and influencers who can indirectly promote your brand.

3). Negative feedback should be deleted

Because you have absolute control over your Facebook page’s comment section, it can be very easy to delete people’s negative comments. Don’t do this. You don’t want to appear like you’re censoring people’s opinions. Instead work around this. Mitigate negative feedback by addressing the issue in the comment section directly or through your blog. Outright ignoring or deleting negative feedback can damage your reputation. Don’t forget to work with your fans to improve your brand.

4). Content needs to be produced everyday

A lot of experts agree that content is king. However, you don’t need to produce content every day. Not only is this impossible, but doing this also can annoy your followers. Nobody likes spam, even if it’s coming from their favorite brand. Instead aim to produce content on a schedule. Create interesting and sharable content on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, but avoid producing the same type of content every day. Less is sometimes more.

5). Joining every platform is necessary

Facebook and Twitter are essential platforms for any brand. However, you don’t have to join every platform out there. Trying to build a presence on every platform can be too time consuming. Instead, focus on just a few platforms relevant to your niche. Engage with audiences in these platforms and build a strong following. For example, if your target audience focuses on women’s clothing, concentrate your energy on Instagram or Pinterest.

6). One platform is enough

On the other hand, don’t be satisfied with sticking to just one platform. If you have to, try to build a following on two or three platforms. Remember to link between your profiles. Linking your Facebook profile with your Twitter can drastically increase brand awareness.

The world of social media marketing is not complex. Learn the ins and outs of social media, find a platform that works for you, and create and share relevant content. Take it slow if you have to. Once you figure your way around the world of social media, you can expect good returns and an increase in brand awareness.

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